Parent’s Case Management

Recovery and reunification are possible.

If you are a parent or caregiver working on your recovery and are in need of support and resources to help build a substance-free future for your children our Parent’s Case Management program can help.

What to expect. 

Trauma Screening. A member of our team will screen you for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). This screening allows our case managers to identify unresolved traumatic events that create stressors leading to high-risk behaviors. After identifying trauma, you will begin the process of moving parents to increased health and wellness by disrupting the cycle of substance use. This in turn will promote positive attachment with your child and support effective parenting.

Coordination and Advocacy. A member of our team will help identify other needs and assist parents with connecting to other resources within the community, including some offered directly at Crisis & Counseling Centers.

Parenting Groups. You will be invited to participate in our Nurturing Parenting for Families in Recovery group offered in partnership with KVCAP‘s Kennebec Family Enrichment Council and the Somerset Family Enrichment Council.

Eligibility Requirements:

This service is available to pregnant mothers or parents with children up to 17 years of age who use substances and/or are working on their recovery.

This service is currently ONLY available to individuals currently enrolled in MaineCare or who are eligible to receive MaineCare.

This service is available in the following regions:


  • Kennebec County
  • Somerset County

For more information, to enroll in services or to make a referral call our Open Access team at (207) 626-3414.

We are required to bill for our services. 

Additional Treatment Options

Group Therapy

Crisis & Counseling Centers offers a variety of recovery group programs for adults in all stages of change from substance use and co-occurring disorders.

Medication Assisted Recovery

Medication Assisted Recovery (MAR) is a proven foundation for personal change and recovery that reduces the need to use opioids and prevents overdose.

Substance Use Treatment

No matter where you are in your recovery journey–just starting out, starting over after years of successful recovery–Crisis & Counseling Centers has a program that will provide the right amount of support. Our agency has been providing substance use disorder treatment for more than 50 years and offers a number of pathways for individuals on their journey to a healthier and happier life.

Meet our compassionate and highly-trained team

Elisa Sousa, Case Management Services Program Manager

Elisa Sousa, LSW, CADC, BHP, M.Ed. [she/her]

Case Management Administrative Manager + Substance Use Clinician

Amanda Thorne [she/her]

Community Case Manager

Natasha Smith [she/her]

Community Case Manager

Naomi Bryant, BSW, MHRT-C [she/her]

Community Case Manager