Beverly Daggett, Crisis & Counseling Centers’ (C&C’s) former board president and 25-year board member, recently passed away after a prolonged illness.

The first female Senate president in the state’s history, Daggett began her service on C&C’s board in 1987. During Daggett’s tenure she helped the nonprofit endure everything from budget issues to relocations. In addition, under Daggett’s leadership, the agency expanded services into Somerset County and served a larger population with more varied needs.

“Bev’s feisty yet respectful leadership style brought consensus among board and staff as she guided the agency through often turbulent financial and programmatic waters,” said retired C&C Chief Executive Officer Lynn Duby.

Daggett’s experience as a legislator, Senate president and county commissioner provided invaluable context for the decisions the board made for the agency and its services. She was president when C&C became a United Way agency, expanded its Crisis Stabilization Units to Skowhegan and Winslow, and started providing all crisis services for Kennebec County.

“Beverly worked very hard to advocate for those without voices,” said current C&C Board President Kim Lane. “She immediately grabbed you with her intellect, wisdom and humor.”

As Kennebec County commissioner, Daggett encouraged the collaboration between C&C and the Kennebec County Correctional Facility in the development and implementation of the Criminogenic Addiction Recovery Academy (CARA). Many former inmates brought into the criminal justice system as a result of substance abuse are now on the path to recovery because of her support.

“Beverly was a strong champion of our agency and for the CARA program,” said the agency’s current CEO Michael Mitchell. “She was passionately committed to helping those in need, advocating with a level of candor and directness that was surprisingly engaging. I will miss her and am deeply appreciative of the decades of leadership and service she generously brought to our lives.”

When Daggett left her multi-term post as board president in 2007, she continued sharing her knowledge and experiences to shepherd later board members and officers.

“When I first joined the board, I found Bev to be very supportive and helpful. When I stepped into the president’s role, she continued to be supportive and offered encouragement and her usual clear thinking,” said former Board President Mary Darling, who served from 2010 to 2013.

To recognize Daggett’s legacy, the agency dedicated its board room at 10 Caldwell Road, Augusta, to Daggett in 2012. This is the only such honor the 45-year-old agency has bestowed on a former board member.

“It was such a privilege to work with Bev on the Board of Directors,” said Dana Hamilton, C&C’s board president from 2013 to 2015. “We shared a southern heritage, but she had much more of that southern charm than I ever did and always used it for the betterment of others. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.”