By Kim Lane, Board President

My name is Kim Lane, and recently I was elected as the board president of C&C. As the prospect of leading the board became a reality, I found myself confronted with lots of thoughts and feelings of responsibility.

I am not sure what encourages a person to serve on the board of a nonprofit. I can only speak to my personal reason for volunteering, which was a desire to serve my community and the people who may often feel voiceless. As a board member, I believe I can ask the right questions, ensure the quality of services being delivered, and maintain responsible financial stewardship.

As a board member, I am responsible for representing the organization, its employees and its clients in ways that I could not speak to before learning about the compassion of representatives of C&C. I now have the insider’s view of the board and its governance as members strive to reach excellence on behalf of the agency.

The political climate is changing, and C&C must adapt to continue to serve the individuals who have come to rely on us. We serve all clients who ask for assistance, regardless of payer source. How cool is that? As a board member, it is my responsibility to continue to work as hard as the employees to make sure the services demanded by our communities are here for a long time. It is an honor to be part of an organization that provides quality services and responds to community needs.

If you know of anyone interested in serving on C&C’s board, please contact CEO Michael Mitchell at 207.626.3448. I look forward to seeing what this Board of Directors will accomplish.