Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)

Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) is a form of therapy that focuses on finding solutions to problems or issues. The therapy is short-term with approximately 5 to 8 sessions with emphases on the present not the past. The therapist will encourage you to develop hopes for the future and offers support as you learn new coping skills.

What to expect.

SFT is best used when a client is trying to reach a specific goal or overcome a particular problem. SFT is grounded in the belief that although clients may already have the skills to create change in their lives, they often need assistance and support identifying and developing those skills. This type of therapy recognizes that people already know, on some level, what change is needed in their lives, and therapists will work to help their clients narrow down and clarify their goals.

The therapist will encourage you to imagine the future you desire and then work to develop a series of simple steps that will help you achieve these goals.

What are the benefits of Solution Focused Therapy? 

SFT is currently used for emotional and mental health problems such as mild to moderate depression and anxiety, and work or relationship stress. SFT can also help you increase your self-esteem, communication skills, and develop more secure relationships. SFT, when used in combination with other types of treatments and therapies, can help you alleviate stress and understand your strengths.

This service is available in the following locations:


  • Augusta
  • via telehealth statewide

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