Insight Oriented Therapy

Insight Oriented Therapy approaches mental health counseling with a specific focus on helping you understand your inner motivations and workings. A therapist using insight oriented therapy will encourage their clients to analyze and further understand how events of their past are negatively influencing their current thoughts, feelings, and unconscious behaviors.

What to expect.

Insight Oriented Therapy, or insight therapy, is a client-centered type of talk therapy that can help you better understand yourself better. During each session, the client will recall situations from their life. The therapist helps identify patterns of behavior or feelings and encourages the client to examine them more closely. The philosophy behind this method is that understanding and analyzing the issues that have negatively affected your life will help you identify and change any destructive patterns you have.

Sessions typically last 50 minutes to an hour, and provide a safe space for you to have deep conversations with your therapist.

What are the benefits of Insight Oriented Therapy? 

Insight Oriented Therapy can be a very effective way to help you overcome behavioral and mental health issues that have been challenging for you to navigate. The approach treats various disorders such as eating disorders, substance use disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders and anxiety disorders. Insight therapy will help you understand what motivates you and in turn empower you to make positive changes in your life.

This service is available in the following locations:


  • Augusta
  • via telehealth statewide

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