Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a type of therapy that helps two people in a romantic relationship better understand their relationship, resolve conflict, and improve their relationship satisfaction using a variety of therapeutic techniques.

What to expect.

The couple’s therapist will begin treatment with some standard interview questions about the history of the relationship so that they can get some insight into the dynamics of the relationship and what problems might be coming up. The therapist will also dive deeply into each partner’s values, goals, and cultural background. They will then help the couple identify the issue that treatment will focus on and establish treatment goals.

During treatment, the therapist will help the couple gain insight into the relationship dynamics that are creating issues and help both partners understand their roles in negative interactions and arguments. By understanding their relationship better, the couple can change the way they think about their relationship and each other. Another important aspect of couple’s therapy is altering the negative behaviors that can lead to disagreements and tension in the relationship. Couples therapists often assign the partners homework to apply the skills they have learned in therapy to their day-to-day interactions.

What are the benefits of Couples Therapy? 

Couples therapy can help individuals in a relationship resolve current problems, prevent the escalation of previous or current problems, or simply provide a check-up for a happy couple that is experiencing a period of increased stress or change. Common areas of concern addressed in couple’s therapy include issues with trauma, money, parenting, sex, infidelity, family members, health issues, infertility, gambling, substance use, emotional distance, and frequent conflict.

This service is available in the following locations:


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  • via telehealth statewide

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