Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness training is a type of therapy that helps clients empower themselves and effectively communicate their wants and needs. Assertiveness training promotes a positive sense of self and others. This therapeutic practice uses a variety of techniques that may include building relationship skills or disrupting negative thought patterns. Specific areas of focus might include boundary setting, conflict resolution, realistic goal-setting, and stress management.

What to expect.

Assertiveness training teaches effective strategies for identifying and acting on your needs and wants while still remaining respectful of others. The training is tailored to the client’s specific needs and is applicable to many different goals. Learning to communicate clearly and honestly can greatly improve your relationships.

Assertiveness training is often incorporated into other therapies or programs, but stand-alone programs can be offered as well. Assertiveness training typically begins with the therapist gathering information about areas of the client’s life in which they have a difficult time asserting themselves. The therapist will then work with the client to identify specific situations or patterns of behavior that they want to focus on changing. Role-plays are often used to help participants practice clear, direct communication in a safe and supported environment.

Assertiveness training promotes the use of “I” statements to help clients express their feelings and reactions to others. This approach helps participants learn new ways of articulating their needs without accusing or attacking others.

What are the benefits of Assertiveness Training? 

Many participants find that they feel better about themselves and are more capable of handling the stresses of daily life after receiving assertiveness training. Those who have participated in assertiveness training also have a better sense of boundaries and are able to set appropriate and healthy limits with others. Being able to set boundaries helps people avoid feeling used or victimized by others.

A healthy sense of self and respect for others is the ultimate goal of assertiveness training. This balance can help you work more effectively with others, have more meaningful relationships and conversations, and make appropriate decisions for yourself.

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