Tess Macoy, LMSW-CC, CRMA, MHRT/C [they/she]

Mental Health Clinician
(207) 626-3448 ext. 1193

Tess Macoy joined the team at Crisis & Counseling Centers in 2020. Tess earned their BA in English and Political Science at the University of Mary Washington and their Master of Social Work at University of New England. They have lived all but 12 years of their life in Maine and are a steadfast dog lover. 

Tess was determined to become a counselor to strengthen their ability to support marginalized people who systemically do not have access to culturally responsive care. Tess specializes in working with people living with HIV, people with substance use issues, and the LGBTQ+ community. Tess describes their therapeutic approach as being trauma-informed and focused on the mind-body connection. Specifically, they use Solutions Focused Therapy to build on their clients’ prior resiliency and Motivational Interviewing to explore a client’s ambivalence to change. 

When Tess isn’t at work, you can likely find them tackling home renovations for fun, kayaking, exploring waterfalls, or visiting the ocean on a stormy day- and always with their terrier mix, Radar, in tow. 

Tess’s motto? The process matters as much as the outcome.