Halifax House

Halifax House

Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) for Children and Teens

Halifax House is Crisis & Counseling Centers’ (C&C’s) CSU for children and teens, located in Winslow.

Our trained staff works collaboratively with clients and their families to provide stabilization from crisis and address issues such as suicidal behavior, aggression, depression, anxiety and family conflicts.

What Does Halifax House Offer?

  • Twenty-four hour care by trained staff
  • A less-restrictive setting than psychiatric hospitalization
  • Individualized treatment planning geared to the needs of the child or teen and family
  • Groups to provide clients with tools and support
  • Outreach services for 30 days after admission

Additional Information

  • Halifax can accept children from age 6 to 17
  • Admission requires a valid clinical reason where safety and/or significant mental health destabilization are a factor
  • Halifax House is a voluntary program, not a locked unit
  • Stays are intended to be short and intensive, and clients are assessed by CSU staff on a daily basis
  • A family discharge plan is developed prior to the client returning to the community to help the family and child or teen transition from Halifax to home
  • All medication is administered by Certified Residential Medication Assistants, in consultation with the agency’s Registered Nurse, as needed

Is There a Charge for Services?

We are required to bill for our services. MaineCare and private insurance will pay for many of our services.

Make a Referral

You can refer a child or teen 24 hours a day by calling the toll-free crisis line at 1.888.568.1112. If you are calling from a cellphone in Kennebec or Somerset county, call 207.621.2552.