Get Involved

Every day, our dedicated staff and volunteers work with kids, adults and families in our communities – your community – who need help. We are working hard to provide superior service at a low cost. However, many people are without medical coverage and lack other resources to pay for service.

Without some of the services we provide, hospitalization and incarceration would be used as a "solution" in many more situations. Both of these are usually last resort options as they isolate the individual and are the most expensive.

You're invited to get involved:

  • Help us continue to provide community-based services that keep people out of institutions whenever possible – from a young offender who is offered a chance to participate in drug court versus going to jail, to a middle-aged chronically ill adult struggling to care for herself in her own home.
  • Help us continue to reach out to individuals who are isolated and depressed. From a young girl who is coping with the grief of losing her mother, to an elderly lady living on her own and fighting depression. These are your neighbors – perhaps even your family. Your support helps us take care of our community.
  • We all read about the suicides that happen around us. What we don't read about are the suicides that are avoided because someone called for help. Help us keep our vital services available to everyone.

No matter who you are, there is something that you can do to help:

  • Give financial support – whatever you can afford.
  • Donate items for our crisis houses and our offices.
  • Volunteer time to do yard work or painting at one of the houses, or help in our main office.
  • Learn more about us, then speak up in your town or city meeting, or talk with your county commissioners about the work we do. It can make the difference in whether or not we receive funding from your municipality.

For more information about ways to get involved, contact Courtney Yeager, public relations and fundraising manager, at 207.626.3448 or