Family Road to Resiliency

Saturday, March 23th, 8 AM to 3:30 PM

MaineGeneral Medical Center

 35 Medical Center Parkway, Augusta

This conference is brought to you by G.E.A.R. Parent Network & The Maine Parent Federation

Online registration is now closed.
Please call 1-800-264-9224 to see if space are still available.

About the Conference

This conference is for parents/caregivers of youths and youths ages 10 to 21 with emotional, behavioral and special health care needs. This conference will focus on the importance of wellness and resiliency. Sessions will address self care, wellness strategies and provide resources for attendees.

The conference will offer a free lunch, therapeutic massage, Reiki and a number of educational opportunities to all attending.

Attendance is free, but registration is required. 


About the Keynote Speakers

Anne T. Uecker, MD – Dr. Uecker is a pediatric neuropsychologist at the Edmund N. Ervin Pediatrics Center in Augusta, Maine. She specializes in the evaluation of children, adolescents and their families with cognitive, neuropsychological. emotional, behavioral and social concerns. Dr. Uecker has incorporated both mindfulness and meditation into her practice.

Carol C. Weitzman, MD – Dr. Weitzman is a developmental-beharioval pediatrician and the Director of Yale Medicine’s Developmental – Behavioral Pediatrics Program and Adoption/Foster Clinic. She treats children of all ages facing challenges with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, developmental delays, cognitive problems and fetal alcohol syndrome disorder.