There is a lot of stigma around seeking services for substance abuse issues, and C&C strives to be a safe haven for those seeking help and support. Our approach to substance use is very simple: we meet people where they are and support them in their needs. We offer both group and one on one counseling opportunities for people seeking support and help through our agency.

Those who seek support for substance use addiction are rarely self referred. In most cases a loved one, a coworker or boss, or the criminal justice program drives people to seek the help they need. None of this is to say that help can’t be sought on one’s own. The reality is that if more people felt comfortable seeking services to help with substance use issues, the problem would be less stigmatized and likely better understood.

You can learn more about our substance use abuse services by clicking here. You can also call our office at 207.626.3448 if you have questions or want to better understand treatment options for yourself or someone in your life who may need the support.